Baptist Chapel,Lustleigh,Devon,England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amery, Jasper (tallow chandler)  Baptist Chapel,Lustleigh,Devon,England I11197 All GEDCOMs merged 
2 Amery, John  Baptist Chapel,Lustleigh,Devon,England I11175 All GEDCOMs merged 
3 Amery, John  Baptist Chapel,Lustleigh,Devon,England I11183 All GEDCOMs merged 
4 Amery, Sarah Jane  Baptist Chapel,Lustleigh,Devon,England I11177 All GEDCOMs merged 
5 Amery, William (of Sanduck & Elimore, Lustleigh)  Baptist Chapel,Lustleigh,Devon,England I7580 All GEDCOMs merged 
6 Amery, William (of Elimore, Lustleigh)  Baptist Chapel,Lustleigh,Devon,England I7582 All GEDCOMs merged 
7 Cann, Ann (of St. Peter's Bristol)  Baptist Chapel,Lustleigh,Devon,England I9300 All GEDCOMs merged 
8 Furse, Sarah  Baptist Chapel,Lustleigh,Devon,England I11176 All GEDCOMs merged