Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jackson, Dorothy  1751Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I20877 All GEDCOMs merged 
2 Jackson, Mary  1757Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I20878 All GEDCOMs merged 
3 Jackson, Richard  1748Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I20875 All GEDCOMs merged 
4 Jackson, Timothy Terry (of Payhembury)  1746Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I14647 All GEDCOMs merged 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Downman, Ann Allen  25 Dec 1804Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I3365 All GEDCOMs merged 
2 Downman, Catherine Savery  25 Dec 1804Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I23987 All GEDCOMs merged 
3 Downman, Eliza Hatch  25 Dec 1804Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I23986 All GEDCOMs merged 
4 Downman, Eliza Hatch (of Exeter)  25 Dec 1810Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I3348 All GEDCOMs merged 
5 Downman, Frances Ann  2 Aug 1792Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I23988 All GEDCOMs merged 
6 Downman, Maria Richards  25 Dec 1804Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I23989 All GEDCOMs merged 
7 Hole, Caroline Matilda  24 May 1776Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I28546 All GEDCOMs merged 
8 Hole, Elizabeth  1767Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I28542 All GEDCOMs merged 
9 Hole, Francis (Capt. 37th Regt. of Foot)  1772Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I28535 All GEDCOMs merged 
10 Hole, Humphrey Henry Aram (Vicar of Okehampton)  3 Feb 1763Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I28538 All GEDCOMs merged 
11 Hole, Juliana  20 Apr 1770Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I28541 All GEDCOMs merged 
12 Hole, Richard (of North Tawton)  1759/1760Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I28536 All GEDCOMs merged 
13 Hole, Robert (Rev.)  24 Feb 1768Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I28534 All GEDCOMs merged 
14 Hole, Susanna Rogers  1 Apr 1774Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I28547 All GEDCOMs merged 
15 Hole, Thomas (Rector of Doddiscombsleigh & N. Tawton)  19 Mar 1761Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I28540 All GEDCOMs merged 
16 Will, Ciprian  30 Mar 1577Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England I31530 All GEDCOMs merged 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Aggett / Amery  14 Oct 1850Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England F4810 All GEDCOMs merged 
2 Hole / Katencamp  28 Oct 1776Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England F9893 All GEDCOMs merged 
3 Smale / Mardon  29 Apr 1804Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England F2946 All GEDCOMs merged 
4 Wills / Downman  14 Sep 1833Holy Trinity,Exeter,Devon,England F1715 All GEDCOMs merged