Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jane  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I30939 All GEDCOMs merged 
2 Friend, Eliza Mary  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I6600 All GEDCOMs merged 
3 Friend, Susan  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I6633 All GEDCOMs merged 
4 King, Augusta Elizabeth  24 Dec 1887Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I6105 All GEDCOMs merged 
5 Mardon, Louisa Jane  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I30946 All GEDCOMs merged 
6 Mardon, Susan  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I30944 All GEDCOMs merged 
7 Mardon, William (of Moretonhampstead)  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I30942 All GEDCOMs merged 
8 Mardon, William  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I30945 All GEDCOMs merged 
9 Pain, Susanna  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I30943 All GEDCOMs merged 
10 Smale, Anne (of Forder St., Moreton)  16 Jan 1865Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I6177 All GEDCOMs merged 
11 Smale, Mary  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I6314 All GEDCOMs merged 
12 Smale, Susanna  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I6102 All GEDCOMs merged 
13 Smale, Susanna  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I6372 All GEDCOMs merged 
14 Smale, William  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I6238 All GEDCOMs merged 
15 Tarr, Mary Anna  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I30936 All GEDCOMs merged 
16 Torr, Cecil (barrister or author)  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I6106 All GEDCOMs merged 
17 Torr, John Smale (solicitor of 38 Bedford Row, London)  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I6104 All GEDCOMs merged 
18 Torr (Tarr), John  26 Mar 1870Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I6103 All GEDCOMs merged 
19 White, Edward (tanner)  Unitarian Cem.,Moretonhampstead,Devon,England I6312 All GEDCOMs merged